The Open Source VR Headset

Who is it for?

Vis3r is mainly designed for people that want a Virtual Reality headset, and don’t  have the money for a high end VR headset from HTC, Oculus or Valve.

Vis3r is also a great Virtual Reality headset for people that love DIY and open source projects.

Why NxtVR?

We have decided to make NxtVR, because we all love Virtual Reality, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high end VR headset.

When we finished the development of vis3r, we decided to make it compatible with SteamVR, and to open source our project.

The power of openHMD

OpenHMD and SteamVR

OpenHMD is a free open source API and driver for immersive technology, such as head mounted displays with built in head tracking.

Thanks to the drivers of OpenHMD, we have managed to make Vis3r compitable with SteamVR games, that have been developed to be playable seated / standing, with the use of your keyboard and mouse or with a gamepad, such as a Xbox or Playstation 4 controller.

Want to contribute?

take a look at our GitHub!